Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, The McCollough Pre-Medical Program is a living learning community.  Living in the Ridgecrest South LLC is a program requirement when the student enters the program.   The Ridgecrest South LLC offers residents fully furnished living spaces consisting of 2- or 4-bedroom suites consisting of a living room, kitchenette, and private bathrooms in each suite. The hall is located near on-campus dining options, UA Student Center, Lakeside Dining, and Lakeside Market. Residents have access to 1st and 2nd floor community areas and 2nd and 4th floor community kitchens and laundry rooms. Students are responsible for providing their own trash receptacles, cookware, eating utensils, toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Living with McCollough Pre-Medical Scholar peers enables students to study together, be mentored by senior participants in the program, and live with students who share similar interest.

Yes, The University of Alabama’s College of Arts & Sciences offers the McCollough Pre-Medical Scholars Program which is designed for students aspiring to attend medical school. This program focuses on the art of medicine and helps students develop the complex skill set required to practice medicine well. For a list of disciplines, please visit Majors, Minors & Concentrations – Arts & Sciences (

There are excellent students that don’t have the requisite testing scores and/or GPA scores.  Given the number of students interested in the program, the McCollough Pre-Medical Scholars Program must adhere to the requirements as outline Apply – McCollough Scholars (

To make an advising appointment SARS·GRID On-line Appointment System (  All first-year students will be advised by their College or Pre-Professional Advisor.  If you would like to speak to or schedule a visit with the McCollough Scholars Program fill out the appointment form

The McCollough Program has affiliations with regional hospitals to gain experience.

There are not any specifically within the program, but the Merit scholarships provided by UA are available to students.


McCollough scholars are automatically in the Honors College, so they will receive priority registration.

The required IDMD 100 course will introduce you to scholars working around the university (and beyond).  This is a great opportunity for you to see what research opportunities exist.  Many of the first year scholars end up working in one of the research labs around campus.

  If you have additional questions about the program, feel free to submit questions here.