Program Description

Endowed by Dr. Gaylon and Mrs. Susan McCollough, The McCollough Institute for Pre-Medical Scholars is a minor of “Interdisciplinary Studies of Medicine” to a small cohort of aspiring physicians.  The program forms a living-learning community investigating big picture questions about the art of medicine. The McCollough Pre-Medical Scholars Program focuses on academic excellence, leadership, community service, and undergraduate research.

Medical schools and practicing physicians recognize that the successful practice of medicine requires much more than the traditional track of medical training in biology, chemistry, and anatomy.  Medical researchers face novel situations and must be able to critically assess complex information to offer rational solutions to unique problems.

The McCollough Pre-Medical Institute prepares future medical leaders with unique, interdisciplinary studies in medicine to aid in development of the complex skills involved in the practice of medicine.

The program is built around two foundations courses focusing on interdisciplinary perspectives on medicine. McCollough Scholars will learn about the history and philosophy of medicine, the way that culture interacts with the practice of medicine, and the promises & perils of medicine as it relates to aging and death.  The foundations courses provide the basis for exploring the art of medicine in more depth throughout the program.

In addition to these courses, the first and last semester of the program features a weekly lecture series where McCollough Scholars will interact with leading medical researchers and practicing physicians.  McCollough Scholars will continue their training in the art of medicine with three elective interdisciplinary seminars on aspects of medicine.

The final part of this minor is a capstone seminar which will focus on an intensive aspect of the practice of medicine.  The training McCollough Scholars receive will equip them for the very best medical schools and lay a foundation of medical education to enrich their lives and service to the medical art.