McCollough Spotlight

Congratulations 2024 Graduates –

Bottom row: Dr. Ted Poston, Bailey Jarret, Mary Kate Grossman, Emily Eichstaedt, Mia Liacopoulos

Top row: Greyson Taylor, Caleb Vanderberg, Alex Meyer , Alyssa Thompson

Graduate plans:

Bailey Jarrett – Baylor College of Medicine

Greyson Taylor – UAB Heersink School of Medicine

Mary Grossmann – UA Masters program

Mia Liacopoulos – UA Masters program

Alexandra Meyer – UA Masters program

Alyssa Thompson – UA Masters program

Caleb Vandenburg – Washington University at St. Louis School of Medicine

Emily Eichstaedt – UAB Heersink School of Medicine

McCollough Graduates 2022-2023 Class w. Dr. Ted Poston (Director)
Ted Poston, Director of MPMS & Professor of Philosophy shown with graduates (Pictured top row left-to-right: Jordan Albrecht, Ryan David, Ashlyn Dull, Jack Strubel, Jessica Tabary, & Joy Becher. Pictured bottom row left-to-right: Emily Pack, Spencer Favor, Ted Poston (Director), Kaitlyn Clamp, & Phoebe Guidry) of the McCollough Institute for Pre-Medical Scholars Program.

Director Ted Poston seen pictured with some of the stellar graduates of the McCollough Institute for Pre-Medical Scholars Program has been directing the program since 2018. He is truly proud of these students and their accomplishments. The McCollough Institute for Pre-Medical Scholars offers a minor in interdisciplinary medical studies to a small cohort of aspiring physicians.

Several really high-quality students recently graduated from this program.  Graduate current plans are to attend the following colleges/universities:

  1. ETH Zurich: Master Pharmaceutical Sciences
  2. The University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC)
  3. Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine (UPIKE)
  4. Nova Southeastern University of Florida (NSU)
  5. Mercer School of Medicine University
  6. VCOM, Carolinas Campus
  7. Heersink School of Medicine UAB
  8. John P. & Kathrine G. McGovern Medical School at UTHealth
  9. Genetic Counseling – SHP- Department of Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences UAB
  10. West Virginia University School of Medicine
  11. The University of Alabama School of Law School
  12. UA MBA (STEM Path to the MBA-Manderson Graduate School of Business)

Congratulations graduates!