Congratulations McCollough Scholars Leadership Board

Congratulations to students Jack Strubel (2023 Class);  Jacques VanZyl (2023 Class); Lilly Slaughter (2023 Class); Caleb Vandenberg (2024 Class); Alexandra Meyer (2024 Class); Greyson Taylor (2024 Class); Elayna Griffaw (2025 Class);  Andrew Sheridan (2025 Class); Gracie Sunde (2025 Class) on your election to the McCollough Leadership Board.  These students are a selected panel that will discuss the programs needs and be the liason between new coming students will addressed real world issues and recommended possible solutions. The position will run from February 2022 to February 2023. We are so thrilled and proud to recognize these students for making a difference by recognizing the needs for prospective students into the program.